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Hot Shot Mfg’s new release line up ›


Aim Low is proud to be sponsored by Hot Shot Manufacturing and their great line up of release aids.  In addition to their standby handheld Tempest and backtension Xtacy…they have added the Eclipse and most recently, the Nano.  The Eclipse is a handheld available in 3 and 4 finger.  The Nano is the latest additon, an index finger release available with a buckle or a velcro strap.  Check them out at or don’t hesitate …

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Welcome to Aim'n Low TV

Welcome to home for Aim Low Productions! Check out our video page and photo gallery, and follow everything we do by reading our blogs.  Our DVDs can be purchased in the product store and look for some featured sponsor products to be available there soon as well.  Our site will be constantly changing as we hunt and bowfish, so take your time, look around, and make sure to check back often.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook too!